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MWH Global is engineering the largest deployment of clean, renewable run-of-river
hydroelectric generation in the U.S.

MWH Global was selected by AMP in 2007 to serve as Owner’s Engineer for the design and construction management of four new hydroelectric projects at existing Federal dams on the Ohio River. MWH is concurrently providing resident engineering during the construction of facilities at the Meldahl, Cannelton, Smithland and Willow Island dams, with a combined capacity of more than 300 MW. MWH is also performing a wide range of services at the R.C. Byrd dam, which is currently in the licensing phase. The projects share similar design features, allowing a large degree of standardization.

    Location: Ohio River, United States
    Region: Americas
    Market Sector: Energy & Power
    Status: Complete
    MWH is providing complete multi-disciplinary services for the design and during construction of these projects, including geotechnical, hydraulic, civil/structural, electro-mechanical, architectural and environmental support. Tasks include overall planning, design and engineering, as well as management and resident engineering services.

    Design innovations include:

    • Monolithic Powerhouse: The multi-unit powerhouses are designed as single monoliths, eliminating the need for construction joints between units and reducing the amount of reinforcement and concrete in the structures.
    • Submersible Powerhouse: The powerhouses are designed to be overtopped during floods alleviating potential upstream flooding due to project construction. This eliminated costly auxiliary spillways.
    • Closure Structures: The structures that tie the powerhouses to existing USACE structures and the river banks, referred to as the closure structures, are to be constructed of hardfill. This maximizes the use of on-site materials and minimizes the costly importation of additional aggregates, cement, etc.
    • Foundation Design: The powerhouse and closure structures at Smithland and Cannelton are designed to be founded on in-situ alluvial materials, thereby avoiding the need for costly deep foundation elements required to found the structures on bedrock.
    • Cofferdam Arrangements: The powerhouses at Smithland, Cannelton and Meldahl were relocated inland, permitting the construction of embankment type cofferdams rather than requiring cellular sheet piling. This minimized the cost and enabled all existing USACE spillway bays to remain open during construction.
    • Owner’s Engineer
    • Resident engineering services
    • Design
    • Planning
    • Geotechnical engineering services
    • Hydraulic engineering services
    • Civil/structural engineering services
    • Electro-mechanical engineering services
    • Architectural engineering services
    • Environmental support


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