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Qatar’s Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ is investing heavily in national roads and drainage infrastructure ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and towards achievement of the Qatar National Vision 2030. The Authority is governing the design, construction, and management of major infrastructure projects valued at over QR100 billion (£17.2 billion) to be delivered within the next four to six years.

    Location: Doha, Qatar
    Region: Middle East
    Service Offering: Management Consulting
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Status: Complete

    The work within Ashghal’s Drainage O&M business will embed sustainable policies, processes and procedures through robust training, mentoring and change management over five years.

    The scope of services spans all of the key functions that characterise a typical drainage O&M business unit. These include improvements to the alignment (strategic) plan, and the functional areas of asset management, operations and maintenance, customer services, human resources, financial management, support services, and information, communication and technology.

    MWH has brought together a team of international experts to support Ashghal in achieving its rapid expansion plans. This program is all about collaboration combining Ashghal’s experience of its asset base with the operational knowledge and management experience of MWH and its subcontractor Scottish Water International. This team is now working within Ashghal to transform and enhance levels of drainage services provided to all residents and businesses throughout Qatar.

    MWH is working with the Drainage O&M business unit to scope, plan and deliver the next five year O&M program. Our support covers the full range of drainage assets for Ashghal, including sewage treatment plants, wastewater network and pump stations, the recycled water system, the stormwater collection system, the surface groundwater system and industrial wastewater in Qatar.

    The benefit of the transformation is being quantified by the use of key performance metrics covering system reliability, economic efficiency, customer service, environmental sustainability, and a safe and productive workplace.

    Supporting Ashghal’s vision to be dynamic, responsive and customer centric, this Drainage O&M transformation program:

    • Accommodates rapid and significant asset base adoption
    • Builds indigenous capacity and capability
    • Ensures delivery of reliable service to the citizens of Qatar
    • Established the Customer Contact Centre and 2nd Line Drainage Complaints Office, ahead of programme, aligned to Ashghal’s vision of being a customer centric organisation (typically 95% job closure rate in less than 4 hours now being achieved)
    • Piloted prioritised preventative routine sewer maintenance regime resulting in a 50% reduction in customer complaints/flooding incidents has now been rolled out across Qatar (productivity of cleaning operations enhanced from 24 km/month to 144 km/month)
    • Development and delivery of new (to Ashghal) works contractor frameworks, to satisfy the outsourcing and partnership strategy of Ashghal, being progressed to schedule
    • Successfully created and embedded re-engineered business processes, and supporting interim asset register and works order systems, as part of business readiness activities to support the planned for roll-out of an Enterprise Asset Management System


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