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The Birmingham Bio-Power plant in Tyseley, just outside Birmingham, will provide 9MWe (net) of renewable electricity to the national grid. This power will be eligible for Renewable Obligations Certificates under the UK government’s renewables incentive scheme.

The project has been developed by Carbonarius Ltd, a successful private developer of local power production facilities. Birmingham Bio-Power is a special purpose vehicle set up by Carbonarius for the Tyseley project with other equity investors and debt providers including the UK Governments Green Investment Bank.

    Location: Tyseley, Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Market Sector: Energy & Power
    Client Type: Private Sector
    Status: In Progress
    Power is raised by using an advanced gasification technology provided by Nexterra Systems Corp. of Canada to gasify waste wood, raise steam and drive an efficient steam turbine unit. All emissions from the gasification process are treated and continually monitored to meet exacting EU requirements.

    The role of MWH has been the design development of the scheme and the formulation of an Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) commercial package for the project to meet both the project financial model and funders requirements. MWH will now deliver the project to commence generation to grid by February 2016. Thereafter MWH will take on an Operation and Maintenance (O&M) role for the facility.

    The core gasification technology, provided by Nexterra Systems Corp, has excellent credentials and track record having been provided on similar applications in some very sensitive locations. The steam raised by the gasification process will drive a Siemens steam turbine, a robust and trustworthy approach to raising electrical power.

    Emissions to air from the facility are treated with chemicals and filtered in a baghouse to meet strict European Union “Waste Incineration Directive” (WID) emission requirements.

    The site and its location presented MWH with some design challenges, working within an existing planning envelope, satisfying the requirements of local stakeholders including the Canal and River Trust and meeting tight noise and lighting criteria in what is a mixed industrial and residential area. The project will create some 100 construction jobs, support local SMEs and provide 19 full time jobs once operational.

    The O&M contract, initially for 5 years, with extension options, will cover all aspects of plant operation to ensure that the facility operates within permit and statutory requirements, is seen as a good neighbour and performs so as to maximise power output and hence project returns. MWH will be responsible for maintaining and managing the asset to meet agreed performance and condition requirements.
    For many private clients in the biomass to energy sector the ability of MWH to offer O&M services post construction is a real value as it provides for a seamless transition from commissioning through testing to day to day operations; an opportunity to optimise long term plant performance.

    The plant, operating 24/7, will have a total operations team of 19 at the Tyseley site with any specialist support provided by the central Waste to Energy team.

    • Waste Wood gasification Project
    • 72000MWhr/annum renewable energy to grid
    • Enough power for 17 to 20,000 UK households
    • Landfill diversion 67,000tpa waste wood
    • Carbon saving 107,000 tpa CO2 MWH Role;
    • Total Project Value; £47.8M

    Tyseley Timeline from MWH:

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