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The Bundall Business Precinct (BBP) has a history of transport and parking issues due to a significant number of users competing for limited parking and a lack of public transport in the area. The Gold Coast City Council (GCCC) is looking to expand its activities in the BBP and has purchased the Waterside East and West (WEW) buildings. WEW have capacity for 1,200 staff, but only provide parking for 320 staff parking spaces. Therefore, Council staff relocations will result in a significant shortfall of car parking spaces.

    Location: Queensland, Australia
    Region: Asia Pacific
    Market Sector: Transportation
    Status: Complete
    To resolve the parking issue the council commissioned MWH Global to study the short and longer-term transport and parking needs of staff and visitors.

    MWH undertook a parking survey and inventory and provided a report that outlined the issues, identified potential solutions and provided survey maps, pricing tactics and parking management information. Council used this information to evaluate the different parking options for the area.

    The survey results indicated a peak occupancy demand of 209 vehicles at approximately 41% of capacity. The vehicle duration of stay surveys indicated a large proportion of the vehicles (370) were parked between 1 and 2 hours, while only 14% of all vehicles (78) were parked for 8 hours or longer. It further indicated thatthe average duration of stay was approximately 3 hours across the Central Precinct, with the highest average duration of stay occurring at Frigo Court.

    MWH made recommendations to address parking and travel demand measures for:

    • pricing tactics for the BBP
    • on-street supply
    • off-street supply
    • parking law enforcement
    • marketing

    MWH further provided a Green Travel Plan initiative to promote active transport in the area. Park and Ride facilities were investigated to provide an understanding of nearby opportunities in the area and how they should be approached, and new parking structures were also assessed to address the GCCC long-term parking goals for the BBP.

    A comprehensive report was presented to Council members to further actions in addressing parking and travel demand issues for the BBP.

    “To be honest – from all the consultancies running current projects or that I have dealt with over the last couple of years, this one went the most smoothly and was the easiest in terms of communication and delivery commitments, especially on something with such constraint time frames. Communication channels were fantastic and we had the confidence that what we were asking for, was getting done and going to be delivered on time.

    • Comprehensive 110-page report with 12 survey maps, 25 figures and 50 tables
    • Existing parking surveys and data analysis
    • Strategies for improving parking management
    • Cost analysis and pricing tactics
    • Recommendations for improving and optimising parking demands.

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