Capacity Building to the Cyprus Water/Waste Water Sector and Solid Waste Sector

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The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to contribute to environmentally sustainable economic development of the northern part of Cyprus by bringing the Turkish Cypriot community closer to EU environmental standards and practices.

    Location: Cyprus
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Client: European Commission
    Status: Ongoing

    The purpose of this contract is to strengthen the Turkish Cypriot community’s capacity in delivering an enhanced service to the citizens in the water supply/sanitation and solid waste sectors entailing inter alia:

    • Meeting cost recovery challenges such as improving financial and operational performance in services provision, gaining incremental independence and tariff controls, forming entities able to gain in economies of scale, reducing unaccounted-for-water (i.e. non-paid water bills and leakage), increasing the use of reclaimed waste (water) streams in agriculture.
    • Meeting sector governance challenges, including the need of more effective enforcement and reporting, producing reliable data in order to take informed decisions, establishing formal targets for improved services to compare performance with recognised benchmarks, increasing involvement of customers (and of CSOs) in planning and increasing understanding among citizens and bodies at various levels of the link between tariff policies and level of service.
    • Meeting inter-sector coherence challenges.
    1. Technical assistance to help meeting the cost recovery challenge

    • Setting up an “inter-municipal” entity (IME) in charge of the solid waste management and disposal
    • Establishment or restructuring of commercial/financial units
    • Non-revenue water reduction programme
    • Delivering demand driven technical support on adaptation of the tariff system
    1. Technical assistance to help meeting the sector governance challenge

    • Establishment and/or proper functioning of ad hoc participatory working groups
    • Preparing for future adoption and implementation of the River Basin Management Plan
    • Permitting, Monitoring and Enforcement of Regulations in solid waste management and disposal
    • Preparing for implementation of the integrated solid waste management plan
    • Management of waste data
    • Strengthening and engaging at a broader stakeholder level with civil society and other social partners
    1. Technical assistance to help meeting the inter-sector coherence challenge

    • Waste (water) as a business opportunity

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