Framework Agreements: Catalysing Near Zero Waste Investments in Turkey (NØW Project)

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The objective of the NØW Project is to provide a framework for waste minimisation scale-up in Turkey by mobilising funds for waste minimisation investments with high potential for replicability. This will enhance the competitiveness of corporate enterprises through the optimal use of resources, technology innovation, and the introduction of best practice and improvements to the waste management practices of the client. This will promote market transformation and transition by supporting demonstration projects for different waste streams, introducing advanced assessment of optimal resource use and aligning the interest of technology suppliers and end-users.

    The Project consists of four components:

    • Component 1 will utilise a combination of financing products or instruments in coordination with the technical assistance to facilitate climate technology deployment. The financial instruments under consideration include: (a) first-loss cover for risk mitigation of long-term financing to SMEs with high expansion potential; (b) performance-based incentives aimed at encouraging early movers in developing waste minimisation investments to promote innovation and R&D, especially in upstream segments; and (c) concessional financing for projects holding high potential for waste minimisation that would not otherwise be prioritised.
    • Component 2 will include development of (a) market assessments for several sectors (including packaging, cement, recycling of different packaging wastes); (b) TC for investment project pipeline preparation for private sector and municipal waste minimisation projects; and (c) technical project development support.
    • Component 3 entails legislative, regulatory and policy analysis and implementation. TC will support the Government of Turkey in developing an innovative and comprehensive framework for the development of waste minimisation in Turkey, transposing regulatory best practices in the waste sector.
    • Component 4 will implement a number of coordination, knowledge sharing and visibility activities. Specifically, the Project envisions the following initiatives: (a) awareness-raising on waste minimisation policy, voluntary guidelines and financing options, including study tours; (b) an waste minimisation knowledge network for government, agencies, public stakeholders and the private sector; and (c) dissemination of information and lessons learned regarding regulations, BATs, pilot projects and best practices.

    As a Framework Contractor, we carry out a number of activities within the four following broader components:

    • Market assessment and business development;
    • Resource efficiency project preparation;
    • Waste minimisation project implementation assessment; and
    • Policy dialogue, knowledge-sharing and awareness-raising.

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