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Coleshill STW Phase two consisted of building of a new Inlet works to provide accurate control of flow to preliminary and full treatment, satisfactory screening capacity, and accurate inlet works flow measurement and satisfactory grit removal.


    Location: Coleshill, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Status: Complete
    This scheme involved the building of a new SAS Plant with gravity belt thickeners, poly dosing and SAS storage tank. Work was also carried out as part of the Severn Trent asset renewal program. A replacement ASP diffused air system and anoxic mixers/baffles on ten lanes was provided, FST diffuser drums and scraper rubbers were replaced, the RAS pumps and control system was renewed and the storm control facilities were modified to allow automated storm control.
    • One storm guard 6DWF screen.
    • Three inlet screw pumps and three inlet traveling fine screens.
    • Two shaft less screw conveyers.
    • Relocation of existing screenings handling equipment.
    • One 11.5m diameter grit detritor and rake classifier with organics return pump.
    • Flume.
    • FFT penstock.
    • New sludge building.
    • Gravity belt thickeners.
    • Poly dosing.
    • SAS storage tank.
    • Replace ASP diffused air system and anoxic mixers/baffles on ten lanes.
    • Replace FST diffuser drums, fit baffles and renew scraper rubbers.
    • Renew RAS pumps and control system.
    • Accurate control of flow to preliminary and full treatment along with accurate inlet works flow measurement is provided for Severn Trent operations.
    • Reduced operator manning requirements due to a more reliable inlet works installation than previously.
    • Health and safety improvements made with regards to new inlet works. Access to items of equipment is very good.
    • Storm handling/return system is now automated.
    • Improved flow distribution to the three ASP units
    • Improved ASP anoxic zone mixing reducing surface agitation
    • Waste plastic pipework removed from the aeration lanes was recycled by a specialist contractor.
    • Protective measures provided to blower gallery to prevent flooding from River Tame in severe storms
    • Installation costs were kept to a minimum by utilizing existing cabling
    • All commissioning, turn of flow and substantial completion dates were met.


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