Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Audit for Pratt & Whitney Turkish Engine Center

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The goal of this audit was to determine the level of EH&S compliance of the facility with applicable EH&S legal requirements and UTC/P&W EHS management system requirements.

    MWH activities were conducted in coordination with the site’s management team:

    Site Visit and Compliance walking auditing

    Document review. Based on the site tour and the provided document request list, we reviewed documents at the site visit. (Permit application documents, Government agency correspondence (including enforcement notices); Any detailed risk assessments; EH&S related documentation; Relevant inspection and maintenance records of (for example) storage racks, machinery, work equipment/tools, heating and ventilation, lifting equipment, ladders, fire safety installations and fire extinguishers; PPE policy and maintenance records; Waste documentation; Chemicals documentation; EH&S related monitoring and measurement records; Reports on remedial action.

    2-3 interviews with shopfloor and technical/maintenance staff to verify impressions and to hear their perception on health and safety risks. These interviews also help to understand risks that might not be documented and might not be easily revealed during a site tour (infrequent operations, access to chemicals, etc). Detailed on-site observations.

    line-by-line assessments of the site’s compliance status relative to all applicable EH&S permit requirements; assessments of the adequacy of controls used to assure continued compliance; and assessments of compliance with related local, regional, state, and federal regulations, statutes, and policies, particularly those that have been incorporated into the permits by reference, and those that require the permitting of specified activities (to ensure that each site has obtained all required permits).

    Providing the Compliance Audit Report (CAR) of the EH&S audit.

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