Comunica SicuraMENTE: Training course on effective communication of Health and Safety values

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The MWH training center, MWH Academy, in Italy planned and organized a specific training project called “Comunica SicuraMENTE” (Be safe with communication).

    Location: Offanengo, Italy
    Service Offering: Industry Training
    Market Sector: Industrial & Commercial
    Client Type: Private Sector
    Status: In Progress

    The project aims to encourage the sharing of Health and Safety values that every worker feels, in order to create a real Health and Safety culture that can support prevention activities in the Company.

    With its expertise, MWH Academy worked specifically on developing innovative training methods. Through games, videos and tools such as “the Values cards” and “the Values letter” we wanted to connect Health and Safety issues with workers’ emotions, creating a tangible commitment, based on the communication of personal values.

    • Project creation and planning
    • Brochure and Video making
    • Training Kit & materials making
    • Teaching and tutoring during the course
    • Training management and release of training certificates
    • The Client proposed this project to the Company’s Board of Directors, as a best practice for Health and Safety.
    • The project won the prize for “AiFOS (Italian HS Trainers and Professionals Association) Best Innovative projects” in June 2016.
    • “Questo corso permette di migliorare la cultura della sicurezza” (This course allows the improvement of safety culture)
    • “Rappresenta un momento di condivisione di esperienze diverse su un argomento comune” (It represents a moment to share different experiences around a common topic)

    MWH Academy award

    AiFOS “Best Innovative projects” award ceremony

    MWH Academy Value cards

    MWH Academy Value cards

    Our address

    Offanengo, Italy
    45.376668, 9.745624

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