Consultancy Services for Renewable Energy (CS02)

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In parallel to EU’s energy strategies, the CS02 project aims to develop the energy sector in Turkey. Accelerating the renewable energy investments, increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the electricity generation are the main aims of the project. In order to achieve these aims, the project will also facilitate an ease of access to financial resources for such projects by interacting with financial instituions (FIs) in the country through capacity-building activities and project assessment reports designed for FIs.


    Location: Turkey
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Market Sector: Energy & Power
    Status: In Progress

    The project involves the review of analysis of the existing legislation and upcoming measures while pointing out the barriers in front of the development of the renewable energy sector and eventually drawing a road map for future. The project will also help establishing financing mechanism designed for RES investments in local FIs and find out models to support and encourage small sized investments especially for SMEs.

    Project goals

    CS02 aims to bring out models to select and apply small sized renewable energy projects and find out and enhance financing mechnaisms to support them. The Ministry of Energy and Natural resources, potential investors, transmission and sitribution system operators and local financial institutions along with NGOs are amojngst the stakeholders of the project.

    • 186 projects assessed
    • 146 PV Solar power plant projects
    • 18 Biogas/Biomass projects
    • 14 WPP projects

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