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In Turkey, an energy-intensive country, it is important to promote the energy efficiency market and support commercial lending for energy efficiency. The aim of the project is to develop an ESCO industry in order to support Turkey’s achievement of energy efficiency targets, to introduce regulations to help develop, finance and implement energy efficiency projects, and to develop legislation and institutional frameworks parallel to the EU acquis.

    Country: Turkey
    Region: Europe Africa
    Hizmetler: Project Management, Sustainability & Climate Change
    Sektörler: Energy & Power
    Status: Ongoing

    Realizing energy saving potentials would require overcoming the various market barriers in Turkey.  Informational (pilots, audits, project formulation, awareness building) activities, incentive and policy measures, implementing market-based mechanisms (banking products, ESCOs, leasing) and capacity building efforts will help to overcome these barriers.

    The main objectives of the project are:

    • Ensuring market development and scale-up for EE in the industrial and building sectors;
    • Supporting for commercial lending for EE in these sectors;
    • Developing an ESCO industry in Turkey, to help package, finance and implement EE projects; and
    • Enhancing the policy and institutional framework in line with the EU acquis;

    This project will be implemented in collaboration with other relevant institutions, such as KOSGEB (the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Organization), Turkish banks which finance or are interested in financing EE investments and international financial institutions (IFIs) and donors that support them with their lines of credit and other TA.


    • Supporting and enhancing the effective implementation of the measures stated in Energy Efficiency Strategy Paper.
    • Improving project preparation capacity in energy efficiency and developing capacity for Commercial Energy Efficiency Lending Market.

    This training and TA program will be executed under two main tasks:

    1. Market Development in the Industrial and Building Sectors
    2. Capacity Building for Commercial Energy Efficiency Lending Market

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