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Deerdykes is a Composting and Organics Recycling Facility In-Vessel Project, actively receiving green waste, liquid wastes (industrial effluents) and sludges (from industrial wastes) for on-site processing. Green waste is delivered in large waste collection vehicles and is offloaded into a reception area. It is shredded and composted in extended beds on hard-standing areas. Liquid waste is delivered to site in tankers and off-loaded into one of the storage tanks below the sludge house. Liquid waste is stored prior to being discharged to sewer. Sludges are processed through a dewaterer in the mixing building.


    Location: Cumbernauld, United Kingdom
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Status: Complete
    The liquid fraction after pressing is discharged to sewer and the cake is mixed with the shredded green waste and co-composted in the Invessel compositing tunnels. The function of the tunnels is to stabilize green waste, stabilize sludge cake or animal by-products, to reduce odor generation during composting. During stabilization in the tunnels air is passed through the shredded green waste and sludge mix in a controlled manner. Air that passes through the material is either re-circulated or sent to the wet scrubber and bio-filter for treatment. Air is supplied to the tunnels using blowers and air distribution networks are cast into the tunnel bases, supplying fresh and re-circulated air to compost the material. When composted the material is removed using a wheeled loader as is placed into a maturation area before being screened to the required sizes and stored until dispatch as a high value commercial product. This is a new market entry for MWH into Solid Waste. In-vessel composting is fairly new in terms of solid waste with only a few plants built throughout the U.K., but with a growing trend towards more solid waste process this market is expanding rapidly.
    The in-vessel composting process is only the beginning of the development of the Deerdykes site, with materials handling improvements planned and an Aerobic Digestion Plant also being proposed.


    • 4 No new RC compost tunnels, 35 m long x 5.3 m high x 5.3 m wide, each complete with tunnel doors.
    • Access stairways and metalwork.
    • New portal steel frame weather building.
    • New RC access road.
    • New surface water collection sump.
    • Ducts and drawpits.
    • Drainage pipework.
    • Miscellaneous RC bases.
    • 4 No composting blowers.
    • 2 No exhaust vent scrubbers.
    • 2 No exhaust vent biofilters.
    • 1 No range of air ducting and dampers.
    • 1 No cover to circular surface water balance tank.
    • 1 No odour control unit for above balance tank.
    • Pipe insulation.
    • 1 No MCC, PLC and software.
    • 1 No electrical cabling.
    • 1 No range of instruments.
    • Commissioning.

    22,00 tpa extension to an existing IVC facility.


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    Cumbernauld, United Kingdom
    55.945668, -3.992534

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