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MWH supported the Dutch contractor Heijmans Infra Techniek during the Waterboard De Dommel tender procedure for the design, construction and maintenance of an Energy Factory at the Tilburg wastewater treatment plant. The contract value is € 31.000.000. The successful offer was the final result of intensive cooperation between Heijmans and MWH design teams. This project is in line with MWH North Europe ambitions to acquire innovative projects with joint efforts from MWH UK (Design Center) and leading contractors in the Dutch market.

    Location: Tilburg, Netherlands
    Service Offering: Engineering & Design
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Client Type: Private Sector
    Status: Complete
    The Energy Factory will process surplus activated sludge from the entire De Dommel area in an efficient way. When the Energy factory becomes operational, the Tilburg wastewater treatment plant will have a neutral energy balance and its biogas will be exported to external clients. In addition to design, construction and a fifteen year maintenance period are also included in the contract. The tender was based on best value procurement criteria. Most important factor was the best Energy Factory result from an economical point of view during a ten year period; Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In addition to that, energy efficiency, additive consumption, nutrient-recovery, robustness and  project management quality were also evaluated. With MWH support Heijmans Infra Techniek got excellent scores for all criteria!
    Construction of the Energy Factory will be realized from November 2012 until March 2014, followed by a fifteen year maintenance period.
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