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As a consequence of non-purified wastewater drainage, the Westland area, mainly build with greenhouses, suffers poor surface water and groundwater quality. Growing of flowers and vegetables in these greenhouses is accompanied with high amounts of, incidentally strongly polluted, wastewater. To full fill the regulations, of the Delfland Water Board, on water quality this non-purified drainage should be reduced.

    Location: Westland, Netherlands
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Status: Complete

    To prevent future contaminations and uncontrolled drainage, a programme was set up to connect all greenhouses to a wastewater system. The municipality of Westland coordinates this programme. As advisors, 5 civil engineer companies were attracted to support the programme. MWH’s main objective is to support the municipality during the design and construction of the wastewater system. The work comprises on-site inventory of optional trails, communication with object owners on possibilities of being connected to the system, and also design of the system and support during the construction.

    MWH has carried out several of these projects throughout the years. One of the most important lessons of these kind of works is the intensive communication with inhabitants. Our experience has revealed that only little rebellion occurs when inhabitants can have influence on the design of these large scale projects that might influence their personal living- and or working sphere.

    • Design & Build Solutions
    • Project support
    • Support during the whole project on all occurring aspects
    • Facilitate active inhabitant participation

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