Technical Assistance and Supervision for Erzurum Water and Wastewater Project

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This project is part of the process of Turkey’s accession to the European Union. By enabling Turkey to achieve a high level of environmental protection and compliance with the EU water sector directives, the project aims to support the implementation of the EU water policy in Turkey, as an EU candidate country. All the activities delivered under the project were fully in line with the EU water policy, and the respective commitment of the Turkish government to follow the relevant EU policies and legislation in the water sector. Main activities performed in the project, which is co-financed by European Union and the IPA Programme:

  • Technical assistance for the rehabilitation of the existing water distribution system
  • Capacity building and modernization of the Erzurum Water and Sewerage Authority
  • Supervision of Erzurum Wastewater Treatment Plant and Creek Rehabilitation Works Contract
    Location: Turkey
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Client Type: National Government
    Status: In Progress

    Technical Assistance /or rehabilitation of the Existing Water Distribution System

    • Data collection
    • Assessment of existing water supply and distribution system and drinking water project prepared in 2005
    • Environmental impact assessment issues
    • Feasibility study and cost/benefit analysis
    • IPA application form
    • Determination of water losses by conducting leak detection and illegal connection surveys
    • Rehabilitation plan for the water distribution network and detailed design
    • Technical assistance during tendering and evaluation

    Capacity Building and Modernization of Erzurum Water and Sewerage Authority (ESKI)

    • Preparation of training needs assessment report and modemization plan
    • Performance of trainings and modernization of ESKI
    • Preparation of sludge management plan and sludge marketing plan
    • Developing guideline and procedures for operation of ESKI
    • Conducting study tour
    • Technical assistance for the improvement in financial and operational performance of ESKI
    • Review, verification and preparation of supply tender documents

    Supervision Activities

    • Pre-construction, construction and post-construction activities of the “Construction of WWTP and Wastewater Collectors including Creek Rehabilitation in Erzurum Greater Municipality” project including:
      • Supervision of Creek Rehabilitation and Collector Works as part of FIDIC Yellow Book Contract including replacement of 24.8 km old wastetwater network, construction of 586 house connections, construction of sewage pumping station with 35l/s capacity, construction of 4.5 km collector line, construction of 2.47 km rising main, replacement of 670 m box culvert
      • Supervision of construction of first stage of Erzurum wastewater treatment plant as part of FIDIC Yellow Book Contract.
    • December 2011 – Signing of contract
    • January 2012 – Commencement
    • October 2017 – Completion

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