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This project concerns the launch and management of the EU-Australia Leadership Forum (EUALF), to raise the profile and improve the awareness of the relationship between Australia and the European Union across all sectors of government, business, civil society and the media.

    Location: EU, Australia
    Region: Europe-AfricaAsia-Pacific
    Service Offering: Program Management
    Client: European Commission
    Status: Ongoing

    A consortium led by MWH will implement and manage this platform, which is aimed at ensuring awareness and generating interest amongst key decision makers and emerging leaders from the EU and Australia in the concept, benefits and consequences of widening and deepening of the EU-Australian relations in various sectors, including energy and environment, as well as the possible Free Trade Agreement, which is currently under negotiation.

    The project includes an extensive media and promotional campaign, focusing on communicating the benefits and opportunities of the EU-AUS relationship as well as of the place and role of the EU in the region and worldwide, through press releases, articles, opinion pieces and interviews.

    • Baseline study
    • Two Senior Leaders Fora (SLF) and Two Emerging Leaders Fora (ELF)
    • Media Strategy
    • Series of Sectoral Policy Workshops (SPW)
    • Alumni Network, Database, Website
    • Publications

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