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The Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) was established in 2007 to help developing countries most vulnerable to climate change, in particular least developed countries (LDCs) and small island developing states (SIDS), to increase their capabilities to adapt to the effects of climate change, in support of the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to have their voice better heard in the international climate change negotiations. In 2014, a new phase of the GCCA, the GCCA+ flagship initiative began.

MWH has been managing the Global Support Facility (GSF) to the GCCA under a first contract with the EC since 2009, and under a recently awarded contract will manage the GSF for GCCA+ until 2021. The Facility contributes to supporting the two GCCA+ pillars: i) policy dialogue and exchange of experience between the EU and developing countries, and ii) technical and financial support to GCCA+ partner countries.

    Location: Worldwide
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Client: European Commission
    Status: Ongoing


    Developing countries and, in particular,  Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are the most vulnerable to climate change effects and they have the fewest resources to prepare for these changes. Without appropriate and timely actions, climate change will further affect the development in these and many other developing countries.

    In this context, the EU launched the “Global Climate Change Alliance” (GCCA) in 2007. As indicated in the Communication establishing the GCCA, “by fostering effective dialogue and cooperation on climate change, the Alliance will help to ensure that poor developing countries most vulnerable to climate change, in particular the LDCs and SIDS, increase their capacities to adapt to the effects of climate change, in support of the achievement of the MDGs. Today, the programme supports more than 50 programmes in 39 countries, 8 regions and sub-regions, and at global level.

    In 2014, the new flagship initiative Global Climate Change Alliance+ (GCCA+) was established as the successor of the GCCA. It continues to support those countries most vulnerable to climate change, building on the work undertaken in its first phase (2008-2013) by feeding back lessons learned and through a more targeted approach in line with countries’ needs.

    The GCCA+ support is provided through two mutually reinforcing pillars: serving as a platform for dialogue and cooperation, and as a source of technical and financial support through country or regional programmes, with a special focus on (1) mainstreaming climate change into poverty reduction and development efforts, (2) adaptation to climate change and (3), promoting disaster risk reduction.

    1. Dialogue and exchange of experiences on climate change and practical approaches for mainstreaming climate change in development strategies among the EU and target countries and regions are enhanced through the support to:
    • the preparation and delivery of global events on the GCCA+ ;
    • the preparation and delivery of regional conferences on climate change,
    • the organisation of a GCCA+ Side Event at UNFCCC Conference of Parties, and the organisation of meetings in other international fora and information sessions;
    • the preparation and delivery of meetings and workshops with EU Member States;
    • the preparation of technical papers, background documents and training materials for learning and policy events, workshop, training of trainers sessions related to GCCA+ areas of support;
    • the organisation of exchange visits and study tours among GCCA+ partners and among GCCA+ partners and EU.
    1. Institutions and capacities of least developing countries most vulnerable to address climate change challenges, including mainstreaming of climate change in development plans, are enhanced through:
    • the preparation and the delivery of high quality in-country missions to support beneficiaries to identify and formulate new GCCA+ programmes;
    • the facilitation of exchange of knowledge and collaboration on priorities of GCCA+ among the scientific community of the GCCA+ targeted countries.
    1. Knowledge is created, shared and communicated nationally and internationally in an effective manner through:
    • the design, the implementation and the update of the communication and visibility strategy of the programme;
    • the effective knowledge management of the GCCA+ resources;
    • the support of knowledge creation;
    • the effective and high quality management of the GCCA+ website;
    • the effective management of the GCCA+ Capacity 4 development public and private group; the facilitation of the communication among GCCA+ partners.

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