Technical and Environmental Analysis of a Waste-to-Energy Power Plant

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MWH was retained to prepare an independent technical and environmental due diligence of the project, which includes the market analysis of the waste, the technical assessment of the project, the evaluation of the performances, the analysis of congruence of the construction and operation costs and the identification of the main risks associated to this project. MWH is currently providing monitoring during construction services.

    Location: Gerbido, Turin, Italy
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Service Offering:  Engineering & Design
    Market Sector: Energy & Power
    Status: In Progress
    The project foresees the construction of a WTE Power Plant for the final disposal of Municipal Solid Waste residual of the separate collection.  The maximum authorized capacity of incineration is 421,000 t/year. The gross power generated by the WTE Power Plant in electric (no co-generating) configuration and guaranteed by the Contractor with 3 lines in operation are about 64.68 MW with a gross electric efficiency about 31.36%.
    • Received PIMBY association recognition for successfully managing stakeholder and community relations.


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