Ghazi-Barotha Hydroelectric Project

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Clean Power Allows Pakistan to Grow
MWH, in partnership with several other firms, provided feasibility studies, design and construction management services for this $2 billion project that provides renewable power and allows Pakistan to continue to grow.  Completed in 2005 for Pakistan’s Water and Power Development Authority, the project included the following components:

    Location: Water & Power Development Authority, Pakistan
    Region: Middle East
    Market Sector: Energy & Power
    Client Type: National Government
    Status: Complete
    • A 24-meter-high, 780-meter-long diversion dam on the Indus River, with 36 radial-gate controlled spillway and undersluice bays
    • A 10.5-meter-deep, 52-kilometer-long concrete-lined headrace canal, with a capacity of 1,600 m3/sec
    • A 1,450 MW capacity hydropower complex, including a forebay, spillway, 25-million-cubic meter-capacity headponds, intake, penstocks, five-unit reinforced concrete powerhouse, and an excavated tailrace channel

    MWH staff played a leading role in the design and implementation of the project from inception to completion.  The MWH-led team provided the following key services:

    • Initial feasibility and design studies
    • Detailed design drawings for construction
    • Direct procurement contract management for major electrical and mechanical equipment
    • Quality control and quality assurance for the constructed project
    • Cost and schedule management and administration of contracts
    • Design guidance to contractors in the field

    MWH has been providing services to Pakistan’s Water and Power Development Authority since 1959. Ghazi Barotha is a follow-on project to MWH involvement in the Tarbela Dam complex in the Indus River Basin of northern Pakistan.

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Design
    • Construction Management Services
    • Maximizes the country’s capacity for hydropower generation while addressing the high cost of imported fuel.
    • Provides a large, renewable, affordable and emission-free source of energy with minimum environmental and social impact.
    • Provides year-round maximum power generation during hours of peak demand.
    • Minimizes relocation of dwellings and acquisition of cultivated land.
    • Employment of more than 13,000 local people and many local companies, which had significant economic impact in the project area.

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