External Resettlement & Social Monitoring of Hebei Rural Renewable Energy Development Project

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The Hebei Rural Renewable Energy Development Project is a project financed by the World Bank for the development and ongoing management of large-scale biogas projects in rural areas in the Chinese province of Hebei, and providing technical support, project management and monitoring, including technical services, training and promotion, and evaluation. The objective of the project is to demonstrate sustainable biogas production and utilization to reduce environmental pollution and supply clean energy in rural areas of Hebei Province.

    Location: China
    Region: Asia-Pacific
    Service Offering: Social & Resettlement
    Client: World Bank
    Status: In progress

    Within this project, Hebei World Bank Biogas PMO has been granted with 71.5m USD from World Bank to develop a bio gas project for the rural area of Hebei province. As required by WB, the PMO needs to contract a consulting firm to conduct Resettlement Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) during project implementation.

    In August 2016, MWH was commissioned to perform the annual (expected to be extended for a total of four years) resettlement and social (R&S) monitoring for the Project.

    This assignment comprised two tasks:

    • External resettlement monitoring against the Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) on three subprojects involving land acquisition for the Project sittings; and
    • External social monitoring on all five subjects against the Social Action Plan (SAP) established during Social Impact Assessment (SIA).
    • The project is awarded in Aug 2016;
    • First stage M&E has been done in October 2016.

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