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The landfill Hooge Maey is the municipal landfill of the city Antwerp. The total surface area of the landfill is 130 ha. The site is divided into 5 cells. The first dumping activities took place in 1974.

    Location: Intercommunale Vereniging Hooge Maey, Belgium
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Market Sector: Industrial & Commercial
    Status: Complete

    The Cells A and B together make up 39 ha. Different industrial sludges and solid wastes have been disposed of in these areas, which makes the waste very heterogeneous. Some parts consist of unconsolidated sludge, which make them unstable. Cell C has a surface area of 35 ha and is since 1983 used as a municipal landfill. The landfill was constructed above the soil level. The current thickness of the waste body is 44 m. The final height of the waste body will be 51 m. There is no controlled construction layer/bottom liner. Underneath the landfill the original ‘Polder’ clay is expected to be intact.

    The Flemish Authorities decided in 1997 to start remediation of the site together with the further operation of the landfill.  The MWH staff has been involved in the project since the beginning and drew up and performed global and detail management of the operations:

    • Realisation of the zerobase audit,
    • Descriptive phase and risk assessment,
    • Remediation design,
    • Establishment of the master plan for the remediation ,
    • Operation of the landfill,
    • Drawing up of the tender documents, procurement, work supervision, quality control, and financial control.

    MWH was also involved with the Flemish Authorities as a recognised soil remediation expert and recognised landfill expert. MWH performed the evaluation of the following studies and works for the Authorities:

    • Risk assessment study,
    • Treatment of leachate and landfill gas
    • Evaluation of the waste water treatment plant
    • Evaluation of the design and construction of the definitive gas recovery pipeworks
    • Evaluation of the landfill gas engines for the operation of the landfill gas

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