Institutional Support to the Water Component of Water and Sanitation Programme for the Millennium (PHAM) - Lot 2 Sanitation

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The Millennium Hydraulic Programme (PHAM) aims to contribute to the reduction of poverty and improve health services to the populations within the programme’s reach by providing an access to a better basic service in terms of water and sanitation.

Under its Sanitation component the PHAM particularly aims to improve access to basic sanitation for the population within the intervention zone and insure sustainable use of the better equipped sanitation infrastructures. There are two parts to this component.

    Location: Ivory Coast
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Client: European Commission
    Status: Ongoing

    The ATPC campaign / enhanced latrines part is realized through the signature of a Contribution Convention with UNICEF. It consists of the implementation of a formation strategy, an action and formation plan to the ATPC, the identification of targeted villages, carrying through of ATPC campaigns: awareness, FDAL certification, post-FDAL follow up and creation of enhanced family latrines.

    The institutional support part is implemented via partially decentralized management by the Cooperation Coordination Unit Côte d’Ivoire-European Union (CCC CI/UE) which requested a technical assistance notably to:

    1. Assist Ivorian authorities in the implementation of the sectorial sanitation policy
    2. Support Ivorian authorities in the restructuration and decentralization process, transferring sanitation infrastructure project management from the State to decentralized collectivities.
    1. Review and update to the sectorial sanitation policy aiming to a description of the present situation and the formulation by the technical assistance team of propositions of improvements of the situation and/or legal texts and regulations on the basis of texts provided by ONAD (National Office for Sanitation and Drainage)
    2. Technical support to ONAD, the DAD (Sanitation and Drainage Department) and the ministry responsible (MCLAU) for the implementation of diverse parts of the sanitation policy, including (i) establishment of a coherent and efficient framework between the structures of MLCAU and ONAD (support to the sovereign functions of DAD and implementation of the project management delegated to ONAD) and the instruments of internal management, (ii) the implementation of a follow-up and assessment committee of the leasing contract between MLCAU and the SODECI (Côte d’Ivoire Water Distribution Company), and (iii), the enactment and support of the implementation of an ONAD activity program over a 2015-2016 horizon
    3. Support to the implementation of consultation structures: inter-ministerial committee, local and regional consultation structures, political dialogue platform or sectorial consultation table and organization of consultations relative to the reforms in the sector (institutional, financial or judicial aspects)
    4. Development of financial studies and schemes (price studies, sectorial funding strategy and financing plan) and judicial (Leasing contract, jurisdiction in the sector, skills transfer to the territorial collectivities; delegation agreement for the missions)
    5. Development of the formation program for all the human resources involved in the sector and assistance in its implementation.

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