ISLANDS - Implementation of the Small Island Developing States ‘Mauritius Strategy’

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The aim of ISLANDS (Implementing the Small and Islands Developing States Mauritius Strategy (MS) in the Eastern and Southern Africa –Indian Ocean region) programme is to contribute to an increased level of social, economic and environmental development and to deeper regional integration in the ESA-IO region.

    Location: Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Zanzibar
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Client: Indian Ocean Commission
    Status: Completed

    This project is realized, in two phases.

    PHASE 1 (08/2011-06/2014), through the achievement of four results :

    1. A Monitoring and Evaluation system for the implementation of the Mauritius Strategy (MS) is developed and operational at national, regional and international level – in collaboration with UNDESA.
    2. Four flagship projects contributing to the mitigation of SIDS vulnerabilities are supported
    3. A Regional Coral Reefs Facility (CRF) is operational.
    4. Capacities for Risk Financing Mechanisms adapted to the Region are assessed and the setting-up of identified mechanisms is supported
    5. The development of National Sustainable Development Strategies is supported; for that purpose studies on the required steps towards Integrated Water Resources Management were carried out in the region.
    6. The Western Indian Coastal Challenge (WIO-CC) is operational.
    7. ESA-IO SIDS are supported in the development and consolidation of their capacities to leverage investments and other commitments for the support of national and regional programmes .
    8. International partnerships and increased international investments and other programme support for the implementation of the Mauritius Strategy in the ESA-IO SIDS are strengthened.

    Under PHASE 2 (07/2014- 10/2015), through the achievement of 3 results :

    1. A regional institutional framework on sustainable development and addressing specific SIDS vulnerabilities and resilience issues,is operational by the end of the project.
    2. A mechanism for fostering cross-sectoral macro-planning (based on multi-level partnerships) is formally endorsed at national level and operational by the end of the project.

    An Action Plan for Innovative funding mechanisms (market based mechanisms for environmental goods, Micro finance schemes, NIE, PPP) is identified and formally adopted by the end of the project.

    MWH provides  technical assistance to assist the Indian Ocean Commission to achieve the specific objective of the programme.  This involves coordination, planning, capacity building, representation at national, regional and international events, policy advocacy.

    The technical assistance team (TAT) is constituted of 2 long-term experts supported by short-term experts for specific technical missions.

    Following successful implementation of Phase 1, a second phase was attributed to MWH.

    The Inspired Generations Forum organized through ISLANDS took place in October 2015. The Local Committees of Sustainable Development (LCSD), established through the IG programme, took this opportunity to present their pilot projects and obtain IG certification. LCSDs are deep-rooted local sustainable development platforms. Local motivation and enthusiasm is on the rise and LCSD members are beginning to understand the true nature and purpose of the platform, interpreting the latter as a real pathway towards achieving sustainable development goals via local planning.


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