Kosovo Sustainable Energy Projects (KoSEP)

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The Kosovo Sustainable Energy Project (KoSEP) – developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) – supports energy efficiency investments and renewable energy development in the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors by providing tailor-made loan products, free of charge technical assistance and investment grants.

    Location: Kosovo
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Market Sector: Energy & Power
    Status: In Progress

    The main objective of the contract is to support the implementation of KOSEP and  to assist in the preparation, successful implementation and verification by carrying out consultancy services to:

    • market the Facility and ensure that the widest range of stakeholders are informed about the Facility and its benefits in order to ensure a prompt uptake of the financing and the related benefits;
    • ensure that the technical criteria of the Facility are clearly defined, consistently applied and updated;
    • ensure that a pipeline of eligible Sub-projects is developed under the SME window of the Facility and regularly updated
    • provide help in developing Sub-projects for energy efficiency by supporting potential SME Sub-borrowers in identifying their investment requirements through informal consultations;
    • enhance the implementation of the Facility so that potential Sub-borrowers are appraised, based on the eligibility requirements and Sub-loans are processed according to Facility procedures;
    • establish an efficient tracking, monitoring and reporting system to ensure accurate data and standard forms are utilised; and

    ensure that Grant funding is applied consistently in line with the eligibility criteria and is supported by an appropriate level of validation, to avoid misuse of the Grant.

    • Overall project management
    • Set up an operational base for Facility operation in Prishtina
    • Design training materials and will provide training and transfer of skills workshops to banks, local engineers and companies borrowing under the Facility
    • Draft an Operations Manual for the PFI’s personnel involved in the implementation of the Facility
    • Design and agree with the EBRD and PFIs procedures for dealing with appeals and complaints
    • Establish an efficient tracking, monitoring and reporting system to ensure accurate data and standard forms are utilised
    • Establish a List of Eligible Materials and Equipment for Residential Energy Efficiency and a List of Eligible Installers
    • Conduct Energy efficiency audits
    • Develop standard templates and forms
    • Develop and design a Standard Application Form for Energy Efficiency Loan (“SAF”)
    • Develop and design a Request for Energy Efficiency Incentives after Completion Form (“RIC”)
    • Maintain a Project Database (the “Database”) according to EBRD requirements
    • Develop and implement a KoSEP marketing strategy
    • Develop marketing material in compliance with EC and EBRD guidelines
    • Assist the prospective Sub-borrowers in their applications (maintaining a telephone hotline, answering e-mails or other correspondence and using website to address FAQs)
    • Liaise with the PFIs and with the EBRD as necessary and collaborate closely with PFIs to monitor the progress and implementation of the Facility

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