Levin Landfill Odour Assessment

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Potential odour impacts associated with the operation of an existing municipal solid waste landfill were investigated. This project sought to quantify the potential odour effects at the nearest identified sensitive receptors to the landfill and to make recommendations regarding the control of odour at the site, where required.

    Location: New Zealand
    Region: Asia Pacific
    Client: European Commission
    Status: Completed

    The assessment techniques adopted in this project enabled the principal odour emission sources at the landfill to be identified and assessed. A number of odour mitigation measures for the landfill were recommended. The real-time continuous ambient air quality monitoring data for hydrogen sulphide (including the automatic weather station monitoring data) were streamed to a website for continuous performance monitoring. Instrument maintenance and performance was carried out to the requirements of AS 3580.4.1-2008.

    • Odour impact assessment
    • Field odour investigation
    • Odour emissions monitoring
    • Surface emissions monitoring for methane
    • Atmospheric dispersion modelling
    • Continuous ambient air quality monitoring for hydrogen sulphide and meteorology
    • Identification of odour mitigation measures

    • The continuous hydrogen sulphide and meteorology monitoring results indicate that there is likely to be another emission source of hydrogen sulphide located in the vicinity of the monitoring site, which may have contributed to the past odour nuisance events
    • Employing the odour mitigation measures recommended in this project has the potential to reduce the likelihood of odour nuisance effects occurring in the surrounding community

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