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The Louisiana Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration (OCPR) is responsible for designing, evaluating, implementing, maintaining, operating, and monitoring Coastal Restoration and Flood Protection projects in the Louisiana Coastal Zone.

    Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
    Region: Americas
    Status: In Progress
    OCPR awarded MWH a three year ‘Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity’ contract to perform comprehensive coastal, hydraulics and hydrologic, structural, general engineering and construction oversight as well as extensive program management and design services on future projects initiated by OCPR to help them achieve their goal of restoring and protecting the Louisiana coastal zone.

    MWH shall also provide services relevant to coastal restoration projects planned by OCPR, as identified in the Louisiana 2012 Coastal Master Plan and the Fiscal 2013 Annual Plan for Ecosystem Restoration and Hurricane Protection in Coastal Louisiana.  These specialist services include:

    • Dredge planning and engineering
    • Sediment transport and hydrodynamic numerical modeling
    • Coastal geotechnical investigation and engineering analysis
    • Pipeline transport and pump station design
    • Construction risk management
    • USACE and state permitting

    Sediment resources and the management of those sources are also a key element of on-going and future restoration efforts within the Louisiana coastal zone.  MWH shall support OCPR in the following areas:

    Geotechnical investigations and analyses

    • Sediment transport modeling for both riverine and coastal environments
    • Dredge and dredged material management plans
    • Develop channel and pipeline conveyance systems
    • Develop sediment retention and confinement structures

    MWH has been serving the Gulf Coast Region for 30 years, operating offices in Baton Rouge and New Orleans and our team has extensive first-hand knowledge of the physical environment and processes that define the Louisiana coastal zone.

    MWH shall perform the following six key services below to support the restoration needs of coastal Louisiana:

    • Coastal Engineering – design of coastal restoration projects including barrier island restoration, marsh creation, shoreline protection, freshwater diversions, etc.; and utilization hydraulic, hydrodynamic, and morphological models.
    • Hydraulics and Hydrologic engineering – design of weirs, outfall structures, and pump stations.
    • Structural engineering – design of shoreline protection, panel breakwaters, gated outfall structures, weirs, etc.
    • General engineering – develop technical documents, reports, estimates of probable costs, analyze data, and develop project scopes.

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