Turkey Mid-size Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (MidSEFF)

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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is promoting the use of sustainable energy across economic sectors in Turkey where it is urgently required to reduce high energy intensity and production costs to increase industrial competitiveness, decrease GHG emissions and the overall energy dependence. In order to achieve this result, EBRD has launched a financing facility (Mid Size Sustainable Energy Financing Facility) to support Turkey’s investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects to increase energy savings and decrease carbon emissions. Within MidSEFF, the EBRD will offer a total of €975 million in loans to Turkish banks for on-lending to private sector borrowers to undertake mid-size renewable energy, waste-to-energy and industrial energy efficiency investments.

    Location: Turkey
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Service Offering: Environmental Planning & Management, Sustainability & Climate Change
    Market Sector: Energy
    Client Type: Financial Institutions & Insurers
    Status: In Progress

    • Overall management of the Facility and consultants

    Capacity Building:

    • Support the partner banks in technically and financially assessing Sub-projects;
    • Build capacity among local partner banks to identify eligible project opportunities;
    • Support partner banks in development of internal procedures for monitoring E&S compliance.

    Project Preparation:

    • Determine project eligibility under the MidSEFF facility criteria and identify the main environmental gaps between Sub-projects and EBRD environmental and social Performance Requirements;
    • Provide technical assistance in developing RE, EE and municipal and/or industrial waste-to-energy sub-projects by supporting potential sub-borrowers including liaising with the Carbon Finance Expert for the potential carbon transaction, identification of potential carbon opportunities
    • Environmental Assessment Support:
    • Ensure that Sub-projects comply with EBRD Environmental and Social Performance Requirements;
    • Prepare and conduct Environmental Assessment to uncover Environmental, Social and Health & Safety issues, identify Sub-project stakeholders, propose effective consultation mechanisms and propose actions for mitigation of impacts;
    • During plant construction, monitor the implementation of the actions required during the previous phase.
    • EUR 975 million of funds available
    • More than 30 projects analyzed
    • More than 1.5 TWh/y of RE production financed
    • Emission reduction for more than 1 million tCO2/y

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