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MWH is responsible for the implementation of the EU- funded stakeholder communications project “OPEN Neighbourhood – Communicating for a stronger partnership: connecting with citizens across the Southern Neighbourhood”, which aims to contribute to the improvement of the public perception of the EU and a better understanding of European policies and their impact in the countries of Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria* and Tunisia.

    Location: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Service Offering: Program Management
    Client: European Commission
    Status: Ongoing

    The project ‘OPEN Neighbourhood – Communicating for a stronger partnership: connecting with citizens across the Southern Neighbourhood’ (CSP South project) is one of the three projects to be implemented as part of the Regional Communication Programme ‘OPEN Neighbourhood: opportunities, participation, engagement and networking with people from the southern Neighbourhood area.

    CSP South aims at increasing the understanding of the EU support in the southern partner countries of the Neighbourhood region through improved communication. The project will develop information and communication material, carry out awareness raising and information campaigns and assess the perception of EU and its support through opinion polling and media monitoring

    The project is a continuation of the previous Regional Communication Programme 2011-2014 and more specifically its EU Neighbourhood Information Centre activities. As such, the project will build on the achievements of previous regional communication programmes taking a more strategic approach in order to increase visibility and improve the understanding of the EU policies and activities in the region.

    More specifically, the purpose of this contract is as follows:

    • To improve the knowledge and understanding of the EU’s policies and their related development and cooperation activities among opinion-makers and specific segments of the general public in the southern ENP partner countries;
    • To illustrate the impact of projects financed through EU bilateral and regional support;
    • To enhance the capacity of beneficiaries and agencies implementing EU support to promote and actively support communication activities and public diplomacy in the region;
    • To measure the support to and where relevant monitor the public perception of the EU in the partner countries;
    • To ensure coordination of the activities carried out under the three projects of the OPEN programme.

    * – EU cooperation with Syria is currently suspended due to the political situation.

    The CSP South proactively complements the communication activities developed by the EU Delegations (mainly for communication related to bilateral support) and by Commission Headquarters (for communication related to regional and cross-border cooperation programmes).

    The work to be carried out has been developed under three clusters of activities as described below:

    1 – Awareness raising & information campaigns

    2 – Activities and services complementing to communication activities carried out by EU Delegations and Commission Headquarters

    • Activities and products designed to illustrate the results of the EU support to the southern Neighbourhood countries;
    • Production of tailored publications (brochure/newsletters, press packs etc.) and of off-the-shelf products on EU-wide and ENI-wide initiatives for the region;
    • Drafting several articles per year published in local media;
    • Ad-hoc delivery of photos;
    • Production of ready-made innovative shareable visual content (infographics, animations etc.) to complement the campaigns (regular and ad-hoc);
    • Support to relations with local media;
    • The Contractor will also provide support in one southern Neighbourhood country in increasing EU visibility through project-driven communication activities and advising projects on the implementation of communication actions.

    3 – Use of opinion surveys and media monitoring to improve communication

    • Annual face-to-face surveys in all partner countries;
    • Ad-hoc or omnibus surveys;
    • Focus-groups;
    • Traditional and new media monitoring services, complementing ad–hoc or omnibus surveys.

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