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This industrial client faced difficult water management and treatment challenges that included running out of capacity at their injection wells and limitations on the amount of water the local commercial disposal facility could take from their operators.

    Location: Confidential
    Region: Americas
    Client Type: Private Sector
    Status: Complete
    MWH was hired to engineer and construct three produced water management and treatment systems at three separate locations. MWH quickly assembled a 10,000 barrel per day temporary treatment system to provide condensate recover and removal of oil and solids using oil/water separators, walnut shell filters, and MYCELX filters. The treatment objective was to minimize the potential for sheen on the ponds and for the ultimate use of drilling and fracing. After the temporary treatment system was operating, MWH designed and built permanent treatment facilities at each of the three sites designed to handle 10,000 bpd.

    MWH also designed and built water truck offload stations with electronic tracking and security systems for each of the sites. MWH also assisted with permit applications to build two 350,000 barrel, double-lined (HDPE) ponds at each of the three systems (six total ponds). MWH constructed the ponds and the associated management facilities, much of which had to be sited on rocky terrain.

    • Engineering and technical services
    • The temporary system quickly paid for itself in revenues from condensate recovery, reduced transportation and disposal costs.
    • Client received a 2008 Earth Day Award from the Utah Board of Oil, Gas & Mining for reducing the need for fresh water, reducing truck traffic, lessoning their footprint in the area and minimizing other environmental impacts.

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