Septage Management Problem Solving and Tools in Indonesia

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MWH, now part of Stantec, has worked throughout Indonesia with USAID on water and sanitation programs specifically involving septage management. With extensive expertise in this field, MWH has provided technical assistance and capacity building to help improve the design and operation of existing and planned septage treatment facilities.

    Location: Indonesia
    Region: Asia-Pacific
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater 
    Client: USAID
    Status: In Progress


    This work involved conducting field investigations, reviewing design documentations, and interacting with local stakeholders to share findings and suggestions. MWH has also developed a tool that helps utilities with the planning, costing, and financing for the collection, treatment and transport of septage. This tool uses industry standard data supplemented with situation-specific data and allows users to consider various fecal sludge management service delivery models and treatment options. In addition to the tool, MWH has created a comprehensive manual to assist with the long-term planning that describes technology selection for septage management. Work in Indonesia has been extended and MWH is being tasked with continuing to provide treatment plant design and operations review, training and capacity building, and an enhanced technical manual.

    Bob Foort, technical lead for IUWASH, has worked closely with MWH on septage management issues since 2015 and recognizes the value we bring, especially when it comes to optimally combining technical expertise and financial parameters in the development of a septage treatment plant (STP) technical design guide. Foort says, “Without their technical expertise and good understanding of local conditions and requirements we could not have done it. The Government of Indonesia (has) expressed high interest in both the toolkit developed by MWH and the STP technical design guide, developed by IUWASH and MWH. (MWH is) a really good team, very knowledgeable, communicative and flexible.”

    MWH Indonesia

    MWH staff work with operators at the Duri Kosambi septage treatment facility in Jakarta, Indonesia to determine appropriate treatment approaches.

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