Thomas P. Smith Water Reclamation Facility Upgrade

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MWH is performing CM-at-Risk services for the Thomas P. Smith Water Reclamation Facility for the City of Tallahassee. This facility will process 26.6 mgd with a future upgrade to 30.5 mgd. Through this improvement project, the City’s main goal is to incorporate a more efficient enhanced nutrient removal treatment process and produce effluent that meets the new State permitting requirements.

    Location: Tallahassee, Florida, United States
    Region: Americas
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Status: In Progress
    The original project scope included upgrades to two wastewater treatment plants, one of which was to be expanded, with an original budget of $205M. MWH determined that both projects were not necessary and eliminated one treatment plant, sending the flow to the other plant and ultimately saving the City $40M.

    This project includes preconstruction and establishing multiple GMPs, as well as the complete construction of facility upgrades.

    For this project, MWH is constructing a new preliminary treatment facility; new flow equalization pond, pumping and piping; new primary treatment clarifiers and primary effluent pumping station; new secondary treatment blower and pump building; new mixed liquor conveyance system; new secondary treatment clarifier and RAS/WAS pump station and piping; new deep bed denitrification sand filters; new effluent pumping MCC building; and a new biosolids processing building.

    Safety and quality are essential components of this project. In an effort to encourage employees to work smarter and harder, the Tallahassee project management team instituted an employee rewards program. Each quarter, supervisors evaluate the safety and quality of work and reward employees “caught in the act.” If selected, the employees receive a t-shirt, safety or quality sticker for their hard hat, a $25 gift card and are entered into a raffle for five cash prizes. To promote the safety and quality of work program, banners stating “I’m a Quality Performer. Quality is the Standard” and “I Got Caught Working Safe – Safety, a Lifetime Guarantee” are posted in several locations on the jobsite. Recently, the project team hosted a safety appreciation luncheon for 250 people to celebrate 439,571 man-hours worked and 464 days without a lost workday case. At the luncheon, the 32 employees nominated for the safety and quality rewards program were recognized.

    • Construction Management-at-Risk (CM-at-Risk)
    • Permit applications, submittals, review and issuance
    • Site mobilization and demobilization
    • Site surveying
    • Site controls, (i.e., dust, noise and pest control)
    • Site safety
    • QA/QC, including inspection of construction
    • Providing substantial economic impact to the local Tallahassee area, through the employment of more than 250 craft workers and an estimated economic impact of more than $100M per year for the local economy
    • Incorporation of cost reductions and cost savings proposed by MWH saved the owner $40M
    • Helped ensure a design that represented optimal schedule and cost efficiency



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