Support Facility for the Development of INDCs for Submission to UNFCCC

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The French authorities through France Expertise, initiated a support facility for 27 mostly French-speaking countries in Africa that have expressed need for assistance with the development of their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) for submission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Out of the 27, MWH Global supported 10 countries in their process to develop an INDC.

    Location: Burkina Faso, Comoros, Kiribati, Madagascar, Mauritius, Niger, RCA, RDC, Seychelles, Chad
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Client: France Expertise
    Status: Ongoing

    The main objective of this framework contract is to provide support mainly to African Countries with an emphasis on Least Developed Countries and Small Islands Developing States in the development of their INDCs in time for submission to the UNFCCC by October 2015, in advance of COP 21 in Paris in December 2015.

    Specific objectives of the consultation includes:

    • Assessment of specific needs of each country with regard to its national circumstances in terms of available data, diagnosis, policies, strategies and plans, actions and programs as well as in terms of needed support towards the elaboration of their INDCs.
    • Assistance in the formulation of mitigation contributions with regard to national circumstances (highlighting ongoing sectoral actions/programs/policies that are expected to have an incidence on GHG emissions and possible undertakings favouring mitigation), as well as adaptation planning for countries willing to include an adaptation component in their INDC.
    • Assistance in the institutional process for validation of the INDC
    • Assistance in the elaboration and formalization of the INDC for submission to the UNFCCC


    • Development of an inception report highlighting main key actions to be undertaken
    • Support to the implementation of a diagnosis phase to assess the current situation in terms of data, policies and documents available and the country’s needs with regard to both mitigation and adaptation
    • literature review of ongoing and planned mitigation and adaptation plans, policies, programs
    • Support to preparation of potential options

    Support to institutions

    • Assisting with the organization of an inception workshop
    • Briefings to national climate change task forces
    • Assisting with the organization of consultation sessions
    • Supporting capacity‐building of the local technical team
    • Supporting finalization of mitigation and adaptation options through extensive consultations and validation at the national level
    • Assisting, if needed, with the organization of regional workshops and/ or regional consultation sessions

    Mitigation/adaptation action plans and INDC drafting

    • Developing mitigation potential projections and adaptation options
    • Supporting the delivery of a draft INDC outline in line with the timeline
    • Supporting the finalization of the draft INDC ready for submission in line with timeline


    • Production of Policy brief, for use by the Gov in internal and external communications
    • Lessons learned paper to provide feedback on the INDC development process to document lessons learned, best practices and feedback on the outputs and outcomes of the process

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    Burkina Faso, Comoros, Kiribati, Madagascar, Mauritius, Niger, RCA, RDC, Seychelles, Chad
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