Technical Advising for Hydropower Plants on River Iskar

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PVB Group is developing a portfolio of nine small hydropower plants in Bulgaria in Svoghe Municipality. The first two plants (Lakatnik and Svrajen) were commissioned in 2008 and 2009, the third and the fourth have been started up respectively in 2012 and 2013, the fifth will be commissioned in 2013 while the remaining four are under development and are planned to be completed before 2015.

    Location: Svoghe, Bulgaria
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Market Sector: Energy & Power
    Client Type: Private Sector
    Status: In Progress
    The overall objective is to prepare a Technical Expert Advice for the exam of good engineering and commercial standards of the project, and for the identification of possible improvements to be introduced.
    The specific objectives of the study are: reviewing the Technical Advising already undertaken by the Sponsor; reviewing licenses and permits; reviewing contractual arrangements; reviewing and confirming technical scope, performance details and design basis; reviewing project costs and contract securities; confirming appropriateness of sites; reviewing off-takes agreements; assisting the client in the accreditation of Carbon Credits.

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