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FWC (Framework Contracts) are contracts that have been put in place by EuropeAid Cooperation Office to facilitate the implementation of the European external aid through a fast and transparent recruiting of expertise in several fields. MWH has executed a number of projects under Lot 4 for energy and nuclear safety.

In light of the firm commitment from the government of Uganda to achieve the SE4All goals, the purpose of this assignment is to support the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) and the SE4ALL Task Force in the kick-start of SE4All implementation process, facilitate dialogue and consultations among various stakeholder groups, and link up with existing initiatives supported by development partners.

    Location: Uganda
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Service Offering: Analytics & Research, Sustainability & Climate Change
    Market Sector: Energy
    Client Type: Financial Institutions & Insurers
    Status: Complete

    For MWH, the specific objectives of the assignment were to work out a SE4All programme document for Uganda with required action plans, an appropriate set of financing instruments and partners and procurement strategy for the implementation of SE4All in Uganda; to reviewing the prioritization of projects, country-wide, eligible for SE4All financing and providing technical assistance to attract program financing from the private sector, donors, public financing and other investments, while considering the SE4All objective of ensuring universal access to modern energy services access/rural electrification.

    • Supporting the SE4All Task force in organizing regular meetings on SE4All and facilitate dialogue with key stakeholders from the government, development partners, business and civil society communities to mainstreaming SE4ALL in sector initiatives.
    • A preliminary review of the existing gap analysis document vis-à-vis the SE4All objectives including the capacity of the country to achieve them and main public and private actors of the sector.
    • The list of documentation collected so far.
    • A mapping of the Uganda districts according to the level of achievement of the SE4ALL objectives
    • A recommendation to the Task Force for the selection of the districts to be used as pilot cases to test the SE4All implementation process.
    • An indicative, detailed work plan with a timeline to conduct effectively the assignment.
    • A protocol of communication between the consultant, the local authorities and the EU.
    • Elaboration of an operational multi-year SE4ALL action plan for Uganda
    • A plan is prepared with the necessary rigor to ensure reliability and credibility of information and data;
    • Appropriate levels of consultation are carried out with all local stakeholders.
    • Assisting the Ministry in developing the solar sub-sector policy/tariff.
    • Follow up actions to finalize the SE4ALL program document and plans.
    • Extending the assessment of the interventions to the country-wide priority projects eligible for SE4ALL financing, out of the prioritization list elaborated by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development at RIO+.

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