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Our society is facing major challenges with regard to climate change and finite resources. Governments are working on climate change mitigation and adaptation, and waste policy is gradually being framed as sustainable resource management. However, these fields are generally still regarded separately and translation from policy to practice is limited. Moreover, sustainability is very often considered to be an ambition that comes at great cost; a discouraging observation considering the necessity for budget cuts.

    Location: Etten-Leur, Netherlands
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Status: In Progress
    However, the integration of climate change policy and waste/resources management also offers opportunities for cost reduction. Best value procurement with keen eye for climate impact and resource efficiency and reuse is a very suitable instrument for making organizations’ ambitions a reality, while challenging the market to take the next step.

    MWH has assisted the West-Brabant Region, consisting of 18 municipalities, in drafting a tender document for truly sustainable processing of biomass. Generally biomass is put to use in (low value) composting or energy conversion through digestion, both good alternatives to incineration. But upcoming techniques allow oftentimes for application in products with a longer lifecycle; for instance in building materials or synthetic composites for the automobile industry. In this tender, high value processing and optimal usage of biomass are adopted as criteria and thus reward a low environmental impact. MWH has drafted a tender evaluation scheme that balances GHG emissions and biogenic carbon for tender quality evaluation.

    The result is the first public tender in the Netherlands that rewards high value processing and application of waste and residuals streams. MWH is proud to have assisted the West-Brabant Region in taking the next step towards a better world.

    • Analysis of carbon content in various types of biomass
    • Market research on high value processing techniques
    • Drafting a sustainability matrix for the tender contract
    • Integration of climate and waste policies
    • Capitalising on reducing GHG emissions and the retention of carbon
    • Best value procurement

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