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C&T system with inlet works and facultative lagoons. The Tobermory scheme was to provide new treatment facilities to comply with the UWWTD, and to meet the SEPA guideline standard for discharges.

The process identified was to install facultative lagoons at Tobermory on the Isle of Bowmore and the Isle of Islay thus providing an Islands Sludge Strategy.

    Location: Tobermory, United Kingdom
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Status: Complete

    The objective of the Coastal Communities Framework was to provide over 30 small communities along the west coast of Scotland with sewage treatment facilities. The provision of these facilities had an overall value of £40 M.

    The innovative and environmentally sustainable development at Tobermory is to be officially opened on 18th November. The scheme for the Leslie MWH Joint Venture was to provide a new collection and transfer system to intercept the municipal discharges at a new pumping station. This incorporated storm storage, and a CSO utilising the existing outfall. A second transfer pumping station then pumps the sewage to the treatment works. After treatment the final effluent is discharged by gravity to Tobermory Bay through an outfall pipe.


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