Turkmenbası Desalination System and Drinking Water Treatment Plant Project

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Detailed design review and technical compliance report of detoxification system and drinking water treatment plant.

    Country: Türkmenistan
    Region: Europe Africa
    Services: Asset ManagementConstruction Management, Engineering & Design
    Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Status: Completed

    • Assessment of existing raw water and drinking water parameters of overall desalination system design
      • The existing raw water parameters and effluent drinking water parameters/limits that are considered for the preliminary design were evaluated as per WHO standards and EU regulations. Essential additional parameter/limit needed for a proper process design in terms of globally best practise and EU legislations were reported.
      • The existing raw water parameters and the drinking water parameters/limits were evaluated and essential additional parameter/limit needed for the production of safe water based on human health considering the local regulations, WHO standards, EU regulations and the globally best practices were reported.
      • The necessity of those essential additional parameter/limits in the consideration of the process design with the possible advantages & disadvantages of this consideration were reported.
    • Evaluation of preliminary design and submission of the technical compliance report for Desalination System
    • Submission of the technical specifications for design and construction of the Desalination System
    • Determination of process guarantees for the Desalination plant
    • Evaluation of the project of the raw water intake structure , water intake pipeline and wastewater discharge pipeline
    • Preparation of conceptual design in possible case of algal bloom and oil& grease problem at the inlet raw water and submission of information about the additional process steps and equipment
    • Detailed design review of the overall Desalination System and Drinking Water Treatment Plant and submission of a technical compliance report.

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