Private Sector Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (TurSEFF)

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TurSEFF is a framework operation of 260 +250 (Extension I) million USD under which EBRD provides to four local banks credit lines dedicated for on-lending to industrial companies and commercial enterprises for energy efficiency investments or renewable energy projects. The aim of the facility is to instigate a self-sustainable market for investment in small and medium sized sustainable energy projects in Turkey.

MWH is the leader of a consortium that has been engaged by the EBRD to assist with the design, launch and successful operation of the TurSEFF and TurSEFF Extension I in Turkey.

    Location: Turkey
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Market Sector: Energy & Power
    Status: In Progress
    • Ensure that the technical criteria of the Facility are clearly defined, consistently applied and updated;
    • Provide overall Facility coordination in relation to the development of a pipeline and portfolio of Sub-projects;
    • Strengthen capacity among local PBs to identify eligible project opportunities;
    • Continue to promote the TurSEFF through targeted public awareness and marketing campaigns – in cooperation with the partner banks;
    • Maintain and update a database of applicants for Sub-loans and assist both the PBs and the Sub-borrowers during all the stages of the approval process;
    • Provide help in developing energy efficiency, renewable energy, buildings and residential sector Sub-projects by supporting potential Sub-borrowers in identifying their investment requirements through consultations, site-visits and project assessment reports as necessary;
    • Prepare Technical Reports as applicable for every Sub-project;
    • Update and maintain the List of Eligible Measures and Equipment and a List of Equipment Suppliers and Installers
    • 260 (TurSEFF) +250 million USD (TurSEFF Extension I) of funds available
    • Almost 270 million USD already disbursed in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects
    • Energy efficiency and renewable energy projects financed through TurSEFF have generated savings of 2,694 GWh (equivalent to 231,677 toe) per year as primary energy, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of almost half a million Turkish households (or 2-3% of all Turkish households) or around 1.8 million people.

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