Upgrade of Four Wastewater Treatment Plants

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In 2013, MWH completed the upgrade of four wastewater treatment plants in the Province of Biella (Cossato-Spolina, Biella north, Biella south and Massazza) after winning the final design in October 2012. The customer, Cordar SpA is the company in charge of the multi-service integrated water service to 50 municipalities of the Province of Biella. MWH already assisted Cordar in the past,  since it designed three of the plants involved in the upgrade (Cossato-Spolina, Biella south and Massazza), while it was responsible for the extension of the sludge treatment line and it designed and put into operation the sludge thermal drying system for Biella north.
    Location: Province of Biella, Italy
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Service Offering: Engineering & Design
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Status: Completed
    These wastewater treatment plants have a potential, in terms of population equivalent, of more than 100,000 with regards to  Cossato Spolina, while Massazza, Biella north and south have a lower potential. The total project value is approximately seven million Euros.
    The plants upgrade project involves two main regulatory issues: the adjustment to the new and more restrictive regulations based on the new acceptable discharge limits – with special attention to the parameters of nitrogen and phosphorus;  the adjustment of flow rates to the primary treatments managed in the plants.

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