Waste Management in Brazil to Minimize GHG Emissions/Maximize Material Reuse

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At the request of the Dutch State Secretary for Infrastructure and the Environment, Joop Atsma, MWH Northern Europe in conjunction with Utrecht University and the Dutch and Brazilian waste management industry associations NVRD and ABRELPE conducted a study on the impact of using of Dutch waste treatment technology in Brazil. The study, which the State Secretary expounded in Rio de Janeiro, revealed that the use of Dutch technology would in fact prevent 57 million tons of CO2 emissions instead of the current 16 million tons of CO2 emissions, a figure that is set to rise due to the growth of the Brazilian economy. Recycling in particular can help reduce emissions from raw materials extraction and production. Sustainable energy can furthermore be generated from waste, whereas currently over 90% of waste in Brazil is dumped in open-air refuse dumps with all the ensuing greenhouse gas emissions.

The calculations use key data on the environmental performance of the high-performance Waste-to-Energy Plant in Amsterdam, for example, and bio-waste fermentation technology in the Netherlands.

    Location: Brazil
    Region: Americas
    Service Offering: Analytics & Research
    Client Type: National Government
    Status: Complete

    The potential for Waste Management in Brazil to minimize GHG emissions and maximize reuse of materials

    A whole month of CO2 emissions associated with Brazil’s total oil production can be eliminated by deploying modern waste treatment technology to reduce the vast mountains of waste in Brazil. Joop Atsma, the Dutch State Secretary for Infrastructure and the Environment, presented the impressive potential for recycling and generating energy from waste during the Rio +20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development. Dutch waste management knowledge and technology is widely sought after in Brazil with the Netherlands being the global leader in this field.


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