Final Design of WWTP and Sewerage System in Biella

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Between 1992 and 2007, MWH assisted Cordar S.p.A. Biella Servizi – in charge of the Integrated Water Service in the Province of Biella, northern Italy, serving 50 municipalities – in designing and constructing three wastewater treatment plants and in extending the sewerage system in the area of Biella.

    Location: Province of Biella, Italy
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Status: Complete

    The peculiar feature of the area is the significant industrial influence, beginning in the first years of the century, with a predominance of the textile sector.

    The design work was mainly focused on three wastewater treatment plants, with a total capacity of 710,000 Population Equivalent and on the sewer collection network which counts over 130 km of pipeline.
    The construction works for the wastewater treatment plants and for the sewer trunks started in the years 1983-84.

    The total area of the project includes the central Province of Biella; it has a surface of approximately 300 km² with a resident population of approximately 190,000 citizens (density of approx. 630 inhab/km²) and a textile industrial presence of more than 400 companies.
    The collection network lead to three wastewater treatment plants: Biella, Cossato e Massazza.

    • Extension of the sewerage system with a total length of 130 km (capital value of Euro >20 M)
    • 3 wastewater treatment plants including tertiary treatment processes(capital value of Euro >4M each WWTP):
    • Basin A (Biella WWTP) includes Biella and other 4 smaller Councils with a capacity = 25,000 m³/d average yearly flow
    • Basin B (Cossato WWTP) includes part of Biella and 25 small Councils with a capacity = 55,500 m³/d average yearly flow
    • Basin C (Massaza WWTP) includes other 9 smaller Councils with a capacity = 18,500 m³/d average yearly flow

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