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Improvement works to an existing water treatment works located at Kendal in the Lake District to protect against cryptosporidium and provide sludge treatment facilities. The 620 MLD works is United Utilities largest plant supplying 35% of customers (1.5m population).


    Location: Warrington, United Kingdom
    Region: Europe-Africa
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Status: Complete

    Project Scope:

    • Refurbishment of microstrainers and pumping stations at Windermere, Haweswater and Garnet Bridge.
    • New inlet works with microflocculation and enhanced coagulation.
    • Chemical dosing and storage.
    • Improvements to 56 No. existing filters (new valves and instruments).
    • Refurbishment of existing buildings.
    • Backwash water recovery lamella tanks with sludge treatment.
    • Sludge dewatering by 3 No.filter presses.
    • Emergency storage lagoon, modification to HV supply, new MCC’s.
    • Major pipeline modifications (2.5m diameter mains etc).

    Mechanical Equipment:

    • Channel/static mixers.
    • Lime silos.
    • Microflocculators.
    • Filter presses.
    • Emergency standby generators.


    • Lime.
    • Aluminium sulphate.
    • Polyelectrolyte.
    • Sodium Hydroxide.
    • PolyDADMAC.
    • Dosing systems.

    At the Hawswater Reservoir a 2.4m diameter pipe was replaced in 6 days in an 8 day planned outage, involving 24 hour working in shifts with the pipes welded, painted and concreted.


    Our address

    Warrington, United Kingdom
    53.3900441, -2.596950099999958

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