Water Treatment Plant No. 4 (WTP4)

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Construction plans for the plant include a marine raw water intake, tunnels, pump stations, conveyance systems and water treatment facilities with an initial 50-mgd capacity, expandable to 300 mgd. The new plant will take raw water from Lake Travis and connect to a pump station via a 9-ft finished diameter tunnel. The raw water pump station will house vertical turbine pumps in a building with similar in architectural features to that found in the nearby development. From this pump station, raw water will be pumped up to the water treatment facility. The Jollyville transmission main will be tunneled and include approximately 36,300 lf of 84-in pipe. Under this initial, 50-mgd phase, the major structures to be constructed include two upflow clarifiers, filter basins, clearwells, onsite generation of disinfection, solids handling treatment and a finished water pump station. It will also include chemical feed/ storage areas, operations and maintenance buildings, electrical power substations and all appurtenances. The project is also charged to attain a US Green Building Council’s LEED® Silver rating for the new buildings.

    Location: Austin, Texas, United States
    Region: Americas
    Market Sector: Water & Wastewater
    Status: In Progress

    MWH has partnered with many local subcontractors and is using more than 25- percent local minority and women-owned businesses during its preconstruction activities. MWH also met the City’s standards by integrating innovative construction concepts for sustainability and environmental mitigation.

    MWH has a defined approach for many of known environmental concerns, including protection measures for critical environmental features, as well as proactive and innovative measures to reduce dust, construction traffic, noise abatement, light control and spill and leak management. Some of these protective measurements are listed below.

    Environmental Requirements.

    The Balcones Canyonlands is home to a variety of flora and fauna. The MWH environmental team will work intimately with the City to incorporate environmental responsibility in design, construction and operation and will develop an environmental compliance and management plan that identifies environmental permits, issues and commitments, as well as the best management practices to be employed.

    Water Quality and Stormwater Management.

    Prior to construction, a storm water pollution prevention plan was developed. MWH is installing and maintaining additional measures to manage stormwater, such as mulch logs and berms; sedimentation/filtration and detention ponds; rock berms; vegetative filter strips; removing brush berms, tri-dikes and sandbag berms; and modifying inlet protection.

    Dust Control.

    MWH is using mulch created from recycling the trees that were cleared for the water treatment plant site.

    Threatened/Endangered Species and Karst Protection.

    The MWH team will coordinate with the City regarding all activities that could affect listed songbirds or karst invertebrates and have employed local environmental partners to ensure that environmental commitments and responsibilities are met.

    • Construction Management-at-Risk (CM-at-Risk)
    • Permit applications, submittals, review and issuance
    • Site mobilization and demobilization
    • Procurement planning, contract administration
    • Public Relations
    • Site controls, (i.e., dust, noise, stormwater, etc.)
    • Site safety
    • QA/QC
    • New 50-mgd water treatment plant with future expansion to 300 mgd
    • LEED® silver-rated administration and maintenance facilities
    • 300-mgd lake submerged intake
    • Two 9- and 7-ft in diameter raw water tunnels
    • One finished water transmission mains, one approximately 36,300 lf of 84-in pipe, tunneled in hard rock
    • Dust mitigation
    • Environmental and endangered/threatened species protection measures



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